Server Rules

Tactical Gamers is a relaxed community but we use the following guide lines to moderate our servers The rules include, but are not limited to, the below list.  Each rule has an individually defined threshold criteria for escalating warnings vs. kicks vs. perma-bans. Each of our admins may interpret the rules slightly differently and have different escalation criteria. We reserve the right to execute any administrative actions without justification.


Respect all players
Play as part of your team
Disorderly conduct – trolling or causing general disruption on the server
Ignoring admin warnings or arguing with admins/moderators
Intentional Team Killing
Inappropriate language – extreme use of foul language or crude, vulgar, or sexually explicit chat/names
Racism Zero Tolerance – Use of racist or sexually explicit words, hate speech, or homophobic slurs will result in an immediate perma-ban
Mic Spam – The server isn’t a chat room. Use voice & text for tactical communication ONLY.
Recruiting/Diverting – repeated takes or references to any other server, website, teamspeak, etc.


Ban appeals

Ban appeals can be done through our forum by clicking here